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We offer trademark registration, observation, search, investigation and portfolio management services. Protect your trademark and keep it secure from illegitimate use.


It is our belief that your original works of art deserve exclusivity and your control. We empower you against direct or indirect reproduction or exploitation of your original works. Services | Copyright Infringement, Copyright Licensing, Copyright Litigation, Copyright Prosecution, Copyright Protection, Copyright Registration, Internet Copyright Law.

Design Law

An industrial design refers to the ornamental or aesthetic aspects of a product. Design registration is specifically directed at the visual features of an article, i.e. the shape and appearance of an article. By protecting an industrial design through its registration the owner obtains exclusive rights right to prevent its unauthorized copying or imitation by others. Services | Searches, Filings, Registration, Infringement, Licensing, Assignments Renewals, Litigation and all related services.

Trade Secrets

A trade secret is generally understood as information with commercial value that has not been publicly disclosed by its holder and the holder has taken reasonable steps to protect it. Manufacturing processes, techniques, know-how, lists of customers, ingredients, manuals, personnel record, business strategies, marketing plans, blueprints, formulas, business plans, financial information, research results are examples of information that can be protected as trade secrets. Services | Theft of Trade Secrets, Trade Secret Misappropriation, Confidentiality Agreements and general advice pertaining to same.

ICT, Media, Sports & Entertainment Law

The firm advises on all aspects of telecommunications including broadcasting, multimedia and the internet. We handle various matters involving issues such as privacy and copyright issues, defamation, e-commerce laws, cyber crimes, cyber protection, impact of the communications revolution, telecommunications regulatory compliance, telecommunications licences, telecommunications transactions such as equipment purchase agreements and outsourcing agreements, telecommunications fees and taxes and commercial ventures. We also monitor the industry and keep abreast of new developments thereby providing our clients with regular updates on the state of the industry. Our attorneys are passionate about sports and art. We assist sports people, artists, and entertainers with the legal aspects of the arts, entertainment and sports. Our team capably gives advice on: Contracts | negotiation and drafting of corporate endorsement deals, broadcasting rights issues, licensing agreements and sponsorships, rights of publicity, defamation and privacy law issues and the various intellectual property rights issues in this industry.

Commercial Law & Litigation

Legal advice, drafting and litigation services are offered across the full spectrum of corporate and commercial law including insurance law, mergers, acquisitions and demergers, joint ventures, stock exchange listings and rights issues, insolvency law, import and export, electronic transactions law, and commercial disputes. Our corporate foreign Clients may, in the conduct of their commercial businesses end up falling prey to criminal elements thus we have identified the need to protect and defend their interests locally by establishing a criminal litigation department. Additionally; we offer extensive legal services in the field of Labour Law including drafting and advice on employment contracts, codes of conduct and constitutions, retrenchments, pension law and alternative dispute resolution mechanisms such as negotiation, conciliation, mediation and arbitration. We also advice employers in interpreting and applying the Labour Act and its subsidiary legislation. We have a range of legal and commercial expertise on board which provides our clients with an integrated legal service outside the parameters of traditional legal practice including: Company Secretarial Services | company registration and formation, compliance and due diligence. Obtaining of investment and operating permits and licences from administrative agencies


We can be consulted on protection of inventions and any other innovative creations.

We value our clients’ ingenuity, efforts in research and development and we will assist Clients with stopping free riders.


We recognise that innovators need to be rewarded for their creations and that any unauthorised manipulation justifies legal action. 

We devise strategies to counter infringements and unfair competition against our Clients’ intellectual property.

We assist Clients in seizures, raids, interdicts, customs surveillance, obtaining Anton Pillar Orders and implementing other available legal remedies that ensure that our Clients’ rights and interests are adequately safeguarded from copycats.

Through our team of external investigators, surveillance of markets and customs can be carried out for our Clients.

Domain Names

Domain names are identifiers of a company and their goods and services on the internet.

They basically serve as online source indicators, allowing consumers to distinguish one competitor’s online offering of goods or services from another. 

Services | We develop and implement clear domain policies.

We give you legal opinions on domain name disputes and cybersquatting matters.

We will represent you in cross-border disputes through the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) procedure which is international in scope and is administered by the (World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Arbitration and Mediation Center

Notary Practise, Conveyancing & Real Estate

Our attorneys are also registered Conveyancers and Notary Publics.

They offer efficient legal services in facilitation and negotiation of property sales, conducting searches on encumbrances and investigating property title, representations, registration and transfer of title for both commercial and residential properties, registration and cancellations of mortgage bonds, leases and notarial bonds, drafting of commercial contracts, antenuptial contracts, deeds and registration of name changes.  

The firm also undertakes litigation relating to property disputes in all the levels of various courts.

Investment, Imigration, Tax & Securities Law

We realize that as investors come into a particular market they usually need a full range of services, legal services just being one of them. We have therefore put together a pool of associates and consultants in other service areas that are essential for a foreign investor establishing a business such as Financial Advisory, Tax Advisory Banking, Investment Advisory, Immigration compliance and Accounting services. We are therefore well placed to advise foreign investors wholly.

We advise investors on their rights pertaining to type and value of the interest under consideration for purchase; notes, stocks, treasury stocks, bonds, certificates of interest or participation in profit sharing agreements, shares, investment contracts, interests in gas, oil, and other mineral rights.

We also advise clients on structuring of credit agreements and the necessary security arrangements. Our tax practice provides legally sound efficient tax solutions to our Clients.

We aim to ensure that the tax aspects of our Clients’ transactions are thoroughly considered and planned.

We also offer Clients advice and representation in matters involving residence, employment and immigration permits and also assist with visa appeals and visa applications.