BMatanga IP attorneys now a part of something much bigger than themselves: now a member of PraeLegal….

In June 2014 BMatanga IP Attorneys became the only Zimbabwean member of the global network of law firms known as PraeLegal Global Network. The network, which is comprised of over 100 independent law firms from all over the world thrives from its members’ local expertise and collective know-how.

BMatanga IP Attorneys is founded on the principles of providing full legal support to clients from local and international spheres. As a firm with a global outlook we recognise that we cannot work in isolation in delivering globally applicable solutions to our clients. This vision is therefore advanced by our membership in the PraeLegal Global Network. Membership in the network places the firm within global reach of international markets while also opening up new avenues for global participation and cooperation with fellow members.

These connections will ensure that BMatanga IP Attorneys clients benefit from the global and regional knowledge and expertise of our PraeLegal Network partners. There is guaranteed accountability from the established relationships with partner firms and our recommendations are based on our knowledge of the foreign firms’ strengths as opposed to randomly picking firms online. This in turn translates to comprehensive business connections which will benefit our clients with a regional or global presence.

Clients will also have access to a full range of legal services from across the globe and they will certainly benefit from the network’s different global legal resources. While the network’s law firms are independent they have the expertise most appropriate for their jurisdictions and strong ties with their governments and business communities therefore our clients are easily assisted when navigating through unfamiliar foreign legal and business terrains.

BMatanga IP Attorneys is committed to providing clients with excellent and expedient services. The firm strives to continuously provide professional, high quality, highly ethical, globally recognised, cost effective and competitive legal services to its clients. This vision dovetails with the Network’s Legal Quality Standards which is designed to ensure continuous quality for client services. As a member of PraeLegal Global Network, BMatanga IP Attorneys is constantly monitored and reviewed in terms of the network’s Legal Quality Standards. This ensures accountability and conformity with higher global values.

BMatanga IP Attorneys believes in high professional competence and consistently pursues professional development of the firm’s attorneys. Through the network the firm is able to access ongoing professional development from the network’s training programmes. These training programmes will ensure that clients are provided with service excellence and the firm is supported by the network in overcoming its challenges. The firm will also become a more effective and productive resource for clients through such training.

The firm’s participation in the network’s activities such as the Annual General Meeting ensures that decisions are well informed and expertly advised. This year, BMatanga IP Attorneys participated at its first PraeLegal Global Network AGM in Doha, Qatar from 14 to 16 September 2014.